Pinterest and the Pintester Movement

So, since I have a blog, I can now take part in

The Pintester Movement

Pintester?  What’s that, you ask?  Well, there is this totally rad chick named Sonja, who has this totally hilarious blog called  You have GOT to go check her out.  She is wonderfully… colorful… in her language, just warning ya, lol!

This brave woman picks various things off of Pinterest that look easy or tasty or like they could be fun, and tries them herself.  Her tagline USED to be “F-ing up Pintester pins so you don’t have to”…but since she went full-time blogger and has advertisers, she changed her tagline just a bit to “FAILING at Pinterest pins so you don’t have to.”  However…she still has full use of her language skills in the blog posts, which makes me smile.

Now – the Pintester Movement.  What is it? Basically, I had to pick a Pinterest pin, try it, and blog about it…oh, and link it to her blog!  You can read more about it, and other folks Pinterest tries here:  The Pintester Movement Category.

So, after cruising around Pinterest and pinning all the things, I found something I could thought I could do easily, quickly, and…most importantly…cheaply!  Here is the original pin:  Bright Green Door Blog: Chalkboard Paint Your Crockpot!  This kind of excited me beyond what it should have.  But you need to understand…the crockpot excuse me…slowcooker my husband brought into our marriage is FUGLY.  Not ugly.  FUG-LY.  Don’t get me wrong!  It works great!  But dudes.  It ain’t pretty.  It’s fugly.

However, when I went to buy chalkboard paint, I realized I could just go buy a new, pretty slowcooker for not much more than the stupid can of paint!  So, back to the (sorry) chalkboard for another idea!

Next, I found this pin:  Thrifty Inspirations: Spray Paint Furniture Tutorial

Last year, I bought some chairs from a local second-hand store.  I LOVED the style of the chairs, but I’ve never been overly thrilled with the paint and distressing job that the store-owner had done.  Don’t get me wrong, she did a great job; I’m just not a “distressed” furniture kind of person.  I’ve been wanting to do something with the chairs, and this pin and the Pintester Movement inspired me to get moving on changing things!

Here is the before picture of one of the chairs:

Icky I didn't choose it distressed chair

Now, according to the pin, you should first sand or use deglosser.  This chair is not glossy to start with.  So, in true Pintester tradition…I decided to skip that step.  I also don’t care if there are scratches/gouges because I have kids and cats.  If the chairs don’t have scratches and gouges now – trust me, they will in a day or so.  So, all that led to me skipping the sanding, puttying, wiping down and letting dry.

See all the time I saved?

Next, I chose a fun color.  Hell, if you’re going to paint, make it worth your time.

Pretty "Mystic Sea" Paint AND PRIMER

Note it says “Paint AND PRIMER?  Guess what step I skipped next?  You bet your butt I did! I’m all for saving time and money, people!!!  If a can of paint is going to say it has primer in it, it for diddly-damn sure better do what it says.  Granted, spray paint is not expensive (surely not as expensive as new chairs) but still, a dollar is a dollar, am I right?  I know I am!  Plus…good LORD holding a paint nozzle down for that long HURTS!!!

So!  I moved my car out of the garage, laid out a huge plastic tarp, removed the seat from the chair (easy – four screws unscrewed) and went to town with the spray paint!   I started out following the directions from both the pin and the can, which direct the user to utilize long, even strokes to get good coverage.  Using this technique, the ONLY thing that got good coverage was the TARP.  Seriously, it is a fantastic Mystic Sea Blue color now!  Because there is so much empty space in a chair, you really need short, close bursts to get good coverage.   Unfortunately, it took me until the second or third coat to figure that out, so I wasted a crap-ton of paint.  In other words, it took me a whole can of paint to do this one chair.  I realize the original pin states you need TWO cans of primer and TWO cans of paint. but I think if you need that much, you are wasting WAAAY too much damn paint!  You know why she needed four cans of paint?  Because she was using the long, even strokes technique that is so great for painting your tarp, that’s why!!!

So, here is the fully painted chair:

chair after

Note the LOVELY blue tarp!  That’s half a can of paint there, folks!  Yeesh.

After letting the chair not only dry, but cure for a couple of days, I reassembled the seat, and returned the chair to my kitchen!  As you can see, I still need to recover the seat.  When I bought the chairs, the lady I bought from recovered the chairs from me, asking me first what colors I wanted.  i said I had kind of Tuscan-y colors in my kitchen…red, gold, sage green, burnt orange and the like.  She did my chairs in the black pattern you see here.  WTH was that about??  Does that in ANY way say “Tuscan” to you?  And before you comment, yes, I realize that the blue is not Tuscan either. I’m going in a different direction now.  Anyway, the material looks “okay” with the blue, but not great.   But, that is another craft for another day!

Finished chair

So, in summary – short bursts of paint at close range, fun color, paint and primer in one…oh, and, for heaven’s sake, do a shoe check before walking back into the house onto your hardwood floors:


Just…trust me on this.  And I’m not even going to discuss how my gray garage floor is now Mystic Sea blue with a big gray rectangle in the middle of it…

Anyway;  I say, go forth and spray paint!  It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it’s fun!  And that’s some Food for Thought!


23 thoughts on “Pinterest and the Pintester Movement

  1. Interesting home project, haha. And I like that you invoked the true spirit of the Pintester with skipping steps and improvising. I did a recipe for the challenge, if you want to check it out!

  2. Nice job! I would have painted that sucker right on the front lawn and ended up looking like I had a pond out there cuz that’s how much I think ahead.

    1. Honestly, I thought about it…but in the true spirit of not thinking ahead, I haven’t mowed the yard in weeks. The grass is so high out there that even with using the tarp, I would have missed half the legs, lol!

    1. Good thought, but probably not – by the time I get done with the other three chairs and other little knick-knacks I’m hitting with the blue paint, it will be a solid sheet of blue!

  3. Love the blue. Agree that the cushions need a bit of . . . help. Should I ever decide to try this, our tile floors will thank you for your “check your feet” suggestion!

  4. Wow, that turned out great! What a lovely choice of blue 🙂 I think you should go for some kind of fabric with a white background, maybe a whimsical floral, to really make the blue pop!

  5. I’ve also wasted ridiculous amounts of spray paint using long, even strokes. Screw that method. And I totally agree – holding down the nozzle gets really old really fast. That chair turned out fabulous, and it’s going to be totally gorgeous once you reupholster it.

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